Home » Kim Joo Na of “Produce 101” opens up about her half-brother, Kim Soo Hyun

“Produce 101” contestant Kim Joo Na talks about her older half-brother, Kim Soo Hyun.

On the recent showcase of Kim Joo Na’s debut single, “Summer Dream,” the singer was asked about Kim Soo Hyun, to which she replied, “To be honest, I believe that this question could be a heavy question to me. First of all, what comes to my mind when reports about my family come out is that my brother has worked really hard alone in order to rise up his status. He had a difficult time rising up there, while I am still a rookie who had not debuted at that time. It was difficult for me when those reports came out back then.”

She also adds, “He is my brother. I really had a huge desire to be a younger sibling of whom my brother will not be ashamed of. Also, I support my brother a lot, and I hope that he would keep on pressing hard towards success. I would really like him to become successful.”

Kim Joo Na then gets asked about what images does she want to have after debut, the singer then revealed, “I ended up coming out with the title, ‘solo artist Kim Joo Na, right?’ I would probably take off the tag related to my brother. However, I still want to work harder as the solo artist Kim Joo Na and become a singer who has good promotions. Please look after me.”

Take a look at Kim Joo Na’s debut track below!