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In the recent broadcast of MBC radio show, “Sunny’s FM Date,” f(x) member Luna filled up Sunny’s hosting spot as she went to Thailand to film Girl’s Generation’s new music video for their upcoming summer comeback.

In the show, Luna called up her friend actress Kim Ji Woo. Both of them have recently competed against one another during one episode in “King of Mask Singer” where Luna won the round.

In the interview, Kim Ji Woo reveals that she became close to Luna during the musical “Legally Blonde” in 2011 where they both shared the lead role Elle Woods.

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According to the actress, “Luna said that she would take the bus in her way to the rehearsal so that she could practice. It was the first time that I have seen a idol who would ride a bus on her own and practice as hard as she can in the rehearsal room.”

Luna radio show

“I thought that she has an amazing amount of passion to an extent of traveling on her own. It made me think that I should work hard as well,” Kim Ji Woo adds.

Luna then responds, “I was 19 years old then when I was doing my first musical. On top of that, I had nodules in my vocal chords. Singing was scary and since it was my first time to act it was difficult for me. But Kim Ji Woo helped me a lot.”

Kim Ji Woo also reveals that Luna was the first idol that she saw who was pure and kind. She had prejudice against idols back then but Luna broke it.

“She feels more of a close friend next door than an idol,” Kim Ji Woo adds, to which Luna responds, “I am so touched!”