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Following the paternity test result of Kim Hyung Joong and ex-girlfriend Choi being positive, both sides speak out.

Choi’s attorney, Sun Jong Moon reveals, “My client and Kim Hyun Joong have lived together for two yars and became pregnant five times that period. We have submitted 66 pieces of evidence for damage lawsuit.”

He adds, “Kim Hyun Joong has held unnecessary press conferences and made media play that made my client out to be a national swindler and blackmailer without any evidence. He will have to show himself responsible for his child and protect the rights of his child and the mother and apologize for the murder of Ms. Choi’s character.”

Meanwhile, Kim Hyun Joong’s parents have also held a press conference following the paternity result. The father of Kim Hyung Joong reveals, “When I heard that she gave birth, I was sorry since I could not see the child though he is my blood. The paternity should have been revealed earlier. We said many times that he would take responsibility, however the paternity test was delayed. We are relieved that the paternity has been confirmed. We are sorry to the child. We are happy that he is healthy.”

The mother of Kim Hyun Joong also responded to Ms. Choi’s demand for an apology in tears, “If Kim Hyun Joong dies, is that an apology? If his family dies, is that an apology? A child needs to be welcomed to the world. We hope that the child would no longer be linked to money. We would do our best for the happiness of the child.”


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