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Former “Superstar K” contestant Kim Hyun Ji has been found dead in a car at a parking lot along with two other people.

The police reveals, “It looks like three people died on October 25 at 2 p, KST. Somebody reported it and we found Kim along with 2 others dead in a car.”

The police further states that it is most likely a suicide. Accordingly, the singer was found dead in a parking lot which was previously used by a local Buddhist temple. Two other males are found dead with her inside the car. Moreover, the car was said to be rented near Gwangjoo and was found out after the rental shop called the police to report that the car was missing. The police then tracked down the GPS and found Kim Hyun Ji along with two others in the parking lot.

It has also been revealed that inside the car were opened soju bottles and used up coals. There were no suicide notes found inside the car, however the police state that from the circumstances, it is most likely a suicide.

Kim Hyun Ji gained attention for joining the first season of the Mnet talent show, “Superstar K.” A year later, she then went to debut under the stage name SoulQuin. Her debut song was “Name” which was released on December of 2010. Included in her debut album are the tracks, “Everything,” “iKnow” and “Mom.”

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