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Super Junior member Kim Heechul talks about wanting to date on “MAPS”.

Olive TV’s travel show “MAPS”, stars four celebrities, Girl Generation’s Yuri, actress Choi Kang Hee, Super Junior’s Heechul and rapper Simon D. The stars go on road trips with a speed of 40km/h as they enjoy the views around them.

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On the recent episode of the show, Heechul and Simon D. travel to Jeju Island.

While Heechul drives slowly, he gets to see the beautiful views of the island and comments, “When I get a girlfriend, I would definitely come here again.”


After hearing this, Simon D. then jokes, “Who would date you?”

Heechul then continues, “I would really like to have a girlfriend. I would really like to experience that thing called ‘love’, not just having a close female friend.”

During the individual interview, Heechul reveals, “I am an idol and I have lots of young female fans, which is why it is not easy for to just say that I would like to have a girlfriend on broadcast. But I an not at the age to be thinking of things like that. Even some fans say that they would like for me to get a good girlfriend.”

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“There are female celebrities like Son Dam Bi and Taeyeon, but I don’t really feel nervous around them. I get nervous around non-celebrity women whom I see walking down the street,” Heechul adds.


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