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Actress Kim Ha Neul talks about her relationship with her fiancé and her thoughts on expressing love.

In an interview with media outlet News1, Kim Ha Neul reveals, “I did not think that I am going to marry this man when I first met him. However, something was different.”

She adds, “It is hard to explain just what it was, however something definitely felt different. After that, it has just progressed naturally to us getting married.”

The actress also reveals, “I used to be a kind of person who could not express my emotions. I would just tend to wait.”

She adds, “Now, I try hard to express my feelings to my friends or to the people I like. Now that I have received love. It has been really great to express it. I realized how important it is to do that after I have received it.”

The actress has previously been revealed to be tying the knot with her non-celebrity boyfriend on March 19, 2016. Her boyfriend is said to be a year younger than her and is working in the business realm. Kim Ha Neul and her boyfriend have decided to get married after a year of dating.

She is known for her roles on the dramas, “A Gentleman’s Dignity,” “Road No. 1,” and “90 Days, Time to Love.” She is also known for her roles on the films, “My Tutor Friend,” “Don’t Forget Me,” “You’re My Pet” and “Female Teacher.”

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