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Comedian Kim Gu Ra and his son, rapper MC GREE talk about the controversy following MC GREE’s college acceptance.

On the recent broadcast of “Dad’s Character,” Kim Gu Ra and MC GREE visited the campus of Inha University. Kim Gu Ra is a former student of the college, while MC GREE has recently been revealed to have been accepted at the same university. However, many have criticized the young rapper and said that his acceptance to the school was unfair.

During the show, Kim Gu Ra shared, “Today is a really happy day for me as a parent. However, there are people who are not happy about you being accepted into this school.”

“You have worked hard in the entertainment industry ever since you were in second grade. However, to other people, you are one of the many kids who want to be on television or do hip hop. They think that you had it easy because of me. It is true that you got accepted fairly. However, the public might believe that you did not work hard. We will have to accept how they think,” he added.

Kim Gu Ra and MC GREE

MC GREE then responded, “I understand those who feel that my college acceptance was unfair. I will work hard in college. I feel wrongly accused. However, I will prove them wrong by doing a great job at being a college student.”

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