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Model and actress Kiko Mizuhara, the alleged girlfriend of BIGBANG leader G-Dragon, reveals that she wants to promote in Korea.

In latest photo shoot and interview with HIGH CUT magazine, Kiko Mizuhara reveals her about her eating habits and plans to promote in Korea.

In the interview, Kiko was asked how she is able to maintain her slim figure. Kiko then responds, “My body type. I was born with the kind of body type which does not gain weight. Even if I keep on eating, I don’t really gain any weight and if I do not eat, I lose weight. If I am even skinnier than now, it would not be pretty. This is why I endlessly try to eat. Starting two years ago, in order to be able to have a pretty body shape, I have started to work out.”

The model-actress was also asked if she has plans to pursue activities in Korea, to which she answers, “I would really want to. Half of my blood is Korean blood flowing within me. And I am good with speaking Korean. I will work harder from now on since I want to promote in Korea. ”

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Kiko is of an American/Zainichi Korean descent. Her father is a Caucasian American while her mother is a Zainichi, or a Korean who is living in Japan. This makes her Korean American.

She has gained attention after rumors have spread that she is the alleged girlfriend G-Dragon.


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