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KARA is a South Korean girl group that formed under the management company of DSP Media. The group’s name comes from the Greek word “chara” which literally means “joy” and they had interpreted to mean it as “sweet melody”.

Kara had started as a four member group and they had debuted with their first album called, The First Blooming in the year 2007. In the year 2008, Kim Sunghee had left the group because of a parental pressure, and there are another two members that had joined the group. Currently, the group is consists of five members namely Park Gyuri, Han Seung-yeon, Goo Hara, Nicole Jung and Kang Jiyoung. The girl group had already achieved their first number one song with track “Honey”. The group had also gained various awards which includes the Best Dance Award at the M.net Asian Music Awards and the Best Female Singer on the 16th Korean Entertainment Arts Awards.

The group had also made their debut in the Japanese industry on year 2010. By the end of the said year, they were recognized as Japan’s number one Rookie Artist by Oricon and they had also received the New Artist of the Year Award (International) from the Japan Gold Disc Awards. By the month of February, 2011, the group’s Jumping and Mister singles had gained Platinum and double Platinum certificates recognized by RIAJ.

On the 4th of March, 2010, the group had won their first award for Lupin on M! Countdown. On the next week, they had won another number one award on M! Countdown, showing their two consecutive win the program. “Lupin” is also the one who gave the group their first number one win on Music Bank that marked as their first ever win on the program since debut. They had earned the award for three consecutive weeks and the same song had also won the Mutizen Award in Inkigayo.

After their nine months hiatus in the Korean music industry, the group had announced that their promotional track “Jumping” in Korea and Japan. They had released their second Japanese single and title tack for their 4th Korean mini album. Even though their promotions of the songs are at the same time, the group still managed to get the two different themes of their song on both countries, Japan and Korea.

There is a teaser photo for Jumping’s album cover that they had released on the 3rd of November, 2010 and one of their company officials had stated, “Kara’s new album utilizes the optical art concept of black and white geometric patterns, which differs depending on each member’s physical characteristics and image.” He added, “You will see a new and upgraded Kara with these modern, yet chic images.” The group had made their comeback with Burn and Jumping on the MBC Music Core on the 20th of November, 2010.

On the 10th of December, 2010, they got their second number one win on Music Bank with Jumping and also another win in Mutizen of Inkigayo.