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Kangta, former member of first generation boy group H.O.T., is revealed to be preparing for his long-awaited domestic comeback!

According to media outlet Sports Donga, the artist has started recording his fourth full-length album which is most likely scheduled to be released on January.

If his comeback goes as planned, it would then be Kangta’s first Korean comeback in eight years. His previous release was his studio album “Eternity”, before enlisting for military service in 2008.

In addition, it has been revealed that it is Kangta himself who is in charge of the production process of his upcoming album.

Before his debut in H.O.T., Kangta was a back-up dancer for singer Yoo Young-jin. Afterwards, he decided that he wants to become a singer. In 1996, Kangta debuted in H.O.T. under SM Entertainment. When the group disbanded in 2001, he was the first member to have a solo debut and became a hit. He is also the remaining H.O.T. member to stay under SM Entertainment as the rest have transferred to other management agencies.

He is also known for his roles on dramas such as, “Happy Ending,” “Di Jin,” “Pepper and Kimchi” and more.

Kangta is currently active in China and Japan with his solo activities and have promoted as a member of the project group S.

Meanwhile, H.O.T. is also previously reported to be having a reunion as this year marks their 20th debut anniversary.


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