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Former H.O.T members Kangta and Tony Ahn react to Moon Hee Jun’s marriage news with Crayon Pop’s Soyul.

Following the sudden news of Moon Hee Jun’s wedding announcement to Crayon Pop member Soyul who is 13 years younger than him, his former co-members also respond to the news.

On the latest broadcast of Kangta’s MBC radio show, “Kangta’s Starry Night,” he commented, “A lot of people are talking about Moon Hee Jun’s marriage news. I could not just stay quiet after I found out. However, I have never dreamed that this would happen. I did not even know that they were dating, let alone, get married. Personally, I am glad for them.”

Kangta then continued, “They look good together even if they have a senior-junior relationship. So this is how the first idol couple is born. It feels as if I am sending him off and it is a bit strange.”

“He sent me a message about the marriage news earlier. I think that he was really worried about it. We were planning to get together soon so I could congratulate him in person,” he shared.

Kangta then stated, “Since I am the lead vocalist, I will sing the wedding song if he wants me to do so.”

Meanwhile, Tony Ahn then posted an Instagram update saying, “Hee Jun, I will be the master of ceremonies…”

Meanwhile, Moon Hee Jun will become the first H.O.T member to get married.

Stay tuned for more updates on this couple!


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