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M.I.B member and variety star Kangnam reveals his thoughts about doing variety shows and his dating life.

On a recent interview, he shared, “I did not think that I would be active in variety shows.” He then joked, “The agency forbade me from going to variety shows no matter what since I was too good-looking.”

With regards to dating, he revealed, “I do not even know how to date anymore. It is really a concern for me. However, right now, I am busy with work. I am happy that I could get to work.”

Kangnam then added, “[My last relationship] did not work out for me. Then I asked myself, ‘What should I do? What is the problem?’ I would always just go out and drink with older guys.”

The M.I.B. member was then asked if there was a change in his ideal type or type of women that he liked, he revealed, “Right now, it does not matter who it is. These days, I really wish that anybody would just appear. To be honest, everyone is pretty. I just want her personality to match with mine. However, when we date, she has to be fun. If she is not, no matter how nice she is, that is when I think, ‘Why am I here like this?’”

“I do like girls with lots of aegyo. Someone who could soothe my anger with aegyo? Cause I also have a lot of aegyo as well,” Kangnam continued.


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