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Comedian Kang Ho Dong gets teary eyed after receiving a compliment from Red Velvet member Wendy.

On the recent broadcast of the JTBC talk show “Ask Us Anything,” Red Velvet appeared as special guests. While co-member Yeri confessed about her fear of cameras to MC Kim Young Chul, Wendy goes to tell Kang Ho Dong something special which made the comedian get teary eyed.

She reveals, “Every time I film with you, I think that you are really a good person. I really wanted to tell you that.”

After hearing Wendy’s words, Kang Ho Dong gets flustered and says, “You did not come to ask for my advice? You are making me embarrassed. I might cry.”

However, Wendy continues, “I also wanted to apologize for not greeting you properly back then.”

Kang Ho Dong then starts to get emotional and gets a tissue, to which Wendy tells him, “Don’t cry. I might also cry.”

Kang Ho Dong 2In a solo interview, Wendy then reveals, “Whenever I talk, I tend to look directly at the eyes. However, as someone who is younger, it was actually hard to tell him what I really wanted to say. However, without knowing why, I kept feeling that it was really important for me to tell him that.”

Later on, both of them got teary eyed and Kang Ho Dong then reveals, “I think that it has been 10 years since someone has complimented me.”


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