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Actor Kang Dong Won discusses his looks, personality, and upcoming projects.

On a recent “V” app broadcast, Kang Dong Won conversed with his fans along with comedienne Park Kyung Lim.

She told him, “It is my first time to see a profile like this. You see soap sculptures in films, right? Your profile gives off a feeling of a sculpture.”

Park Kyung Lim then added, “Your nose is very pretty. Did you get it from your mom or dad?”

Kang Dong Won responded, “My nose if from my mother’s side. My eyes are also from my mother’s side. But, I think that my lips are from my father’s side, though.”

With regards to his personality, Kang Dong Won was asked, “Are you the type of person who does not give false hope?” The actor then answered, “That is right. I am the type to cut things off quickly.”

The actor was then asked about his upcoming projects, to which he responded, “As of now, my schedule for the next year is totally packed. There are more than one or two productions that I am going over so it would probably take a while.”

Meanwhile, Kang Dong Won is known for his roles in the films, “Master,” “Vanishing Time: A Boy Who Returned,” “A Violent Prosecutor,” “Kundo: Age of the Rampant” and “My Brilliant Life.”

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