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Actor Kang Dong Won talks about his experience in Hollywood and his appearance on “News Room” in recent photo shoot and interview with Elle magazine.

When asked about the most nerve-wracking experience in his life, he shares that it was his guesting on JTBC’s “News Room.” He reveals, “I arrived at the studio an hour early in an attempt to calm myself down. However, I was still nervous. I thought, ‘Ah, I must be out of my mind!’”

Kang Dong Won also adds, “I am a big fan of anchor Sohn Suk Hee. He was the reason why I decided to appear on the show. However, it was the most nerve-wracking moment of my life.”

The actor also talks about meeting a Hollywood movie casting director by saying, “They thought that I was in my 20’s. That response was really my favorite. I came to believe I am young and capable of doing a lot more from now on.”

He also talks about his possible career in Hollywood by saying, “You know, I could have just sent a video recording of myself rather than actually meeting them. However, I think that I need to face it myself. Honestly, I know that my chances are weak. I got the scenario a day before so I did not even have the time to look over it. However, I will have to start over in this country, so I think that auditioning will help ease my challenge a little bit in the future.”

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