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Former After School member Kahi sends a message to fans with regards to her upcoming marriage.

Previously, the former After School member has been reported to be marrying the CEO of Incase Korea Yang Joon Moo. The couple’s private wedding was also reported to be held on March 26 in Hawaii.

On March 18, Kahi then posts a message to her fans and shares a photo of her fiancé on her own Instagram account.

She writes:

“Hello. This is my fiancé.

Were you surprised to hear the sudden news? We were setting the date and preparing for the wedding when the reports came out without prior notice. I apologize to all acquaintances and fans for not being the first to inform you.

We would be holding a small wedding in Hawaii. I feel sad and sorry that we would not be able to spend our big day in Korea with many people. But, we share similar thoughts, feelings, taste and everything else, that we have finally reached the decision with regards to our wedding location. I would be grateful if you would wish us a safe trip and congratulate us! We would spend a happy life together! Thanks a lot to everyone who have sent us their best wishes! I could not wait to go to Hawaii!”

Meanwhile, following her graduation from After School, Kahi has pursued a solo career and is currently a mentor on the Mnet survival show, “Produce 101.”


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안녕하세요!! ~^^ 제 신랑 될사람 입니다😊 갑작스러운 소식에 많이들 놀라셨죠?^^; 저희쪽에서 날짜를 잡고 잘 준비하고 있었는데 이렇게 기사가 그냥… 먼저… 나버렸네요ㅜㅜ 지인분들과 팬 여러분들께 먼저 알리지 못해서 너무 죄송합니다. 하와이에서 스몰웨딩으로 올리게 되었는데요 기쁜날 한국에서 많은분들과 함께 하지 못하는것이 너무 아쉽고 서운 하긴하지만.. 서로의 생각과 마음과 취향,모든것이 잘 맞아서 결정하게 되었으니! 잘다녀오라고 축복해주시면 감사하겠습니다~!!^^ 예쁘게 잘살겠습니다!!^^ 축하해주신 모든분들께 큰 감사 드립니다❤️ 빨리가고싶다 하와이!!! 👫❤️🏄🏽ㅎ

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