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The male group JYJ had just recently finished their World Tour Concert in Asia that had its last stop in Beijing on the 7th of May and now, the group is still busy preparing for their upcoming US concert Tour. Even though the trio is focusing with their international, or should I say worldwide activities, they didn’t fail to still put attention on their some Korean activities. This includes the upcoming drama of their member, Park Yoochun.On the May 30th, it was scheduled that MBC will begin to broadcast their new drama, “Ripley”, which features Yoochun portraying a role of a Japanese man named Yutaka. Since he will be portraying a Japanese role, it was revealed that he will be speaking a lot Japanese lines in the drama and there are even more added as he had demonstrated his Japanese language abilities on some programs in Japan.In the drama, his character is born to have a Japanese mother and he is the heir of a prominent resort in Japan. Yoochun’s impressive Japanese abilities are not simply just for acting, but also for singing and talking. As we all know, he was already engaged in many Japanese programs where in he is speaking Japanese. Even though he is promoting as part of Dong Bang Shin Ki, the group had made numerous Japanese songs that has been a good hit in the country. His Japanese skills are very good as he had learned it for years in doing activities in Japan.Some netizens who had read this news had showed their obvious remarks by stating, “it is quite obvious right?, he has been going back and forth from Korea to Japan and they have much activities in there that is why his Japanese is already fluent”, “they had even made much Japanese songs so this actually obvious that he is good in speaking Japanese” and “We are all know that he is good in Japanese language, though, we still prefer his cute English~” Despite of these comments, some had still expressed their excitement on the show and wishing for al the best.

  • kim lemire

    Park Yoochun…….you are so handsome and talented. You must work so hard and you deserve the best because of that. I will cheer you on in all that you do and wish you much success. Please take care of yourself, eat and stay healthy……make good decisions in your life. Always a fan and a friend to you….take care always!!!! I really hope you get to read this reply sent from the heart. When you come to the U.S. to tour it will be very exciting. Much Success!!!!!