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Solo artist Juniel responds to criticisms that she has received following a post that she made with regards to Korea’s Independence Movement Day.

On March 1, Juniel wrote on her Instagram account, “Today is the Independence Movement Day! It is the day when South Korea’s entrance to the world was made known. I commemorate and thank our patriots who did the independence movement. Hurrah for South Korea’s independence.”

One netizen then reacted to her post by saying, “The independence took place in 1945. The Independence Movement Day was when the large-scale movement for the independence came about in 1919.”

Juniel then revised her post by saying, “Korea’s Independence Movement Day was when the intention was revealed to make South Korea independent.” She adds, “There was incorrect information, which is why I revised it. Thank you to the person who let me know. I would remember this.”

Despite fixing her mistake, other netizens still left negative comments on her Instagram post. Juniel then writes, “What do you mean that I am pretending to be patriot. It is not that I got confused with National Liberation Day and Independence Movement Day. I made sure before I wrote that post, and when I got corrected, I wondered if what I had written could have been misunderstood or if it was really wrong. I was unable to be certain but I did edit it. It is true that I have made a mistake and I have really something anew. It is okay for me to be criticized, but do not mock me by saying that it’s all pretense when I wrote do not forget and let’s remember the patriots. I would be more cautious from now on!”


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