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Solo artist Jung Joon Young has addressed the recent sexual harassment case against him.

During a press conference, the singer reveals his side of the story regarding a video which he had recorded during his sexual activity with his former girlfriend.

He explained, “It was a video which my ex-girlfriend and I both agreed to film. However, I deleted it immediately afterward.”

Jung Joon Young added, “But, the word ‘hidden camera’ had appeared on reports and this caused her to be scared.”

The singer then clarified, “The video footage was not from a hidden camera.”

“She is a person who has a very promising future. She is also a person who is not used to the public’s attention. She is really regretting how much the situation has become magnified,” Jung Joon Young added.

He also said, “I sincerely apologize for causing a controversy. I decided to hold this press conference in hopes to stop any more damage for the both of us.”

Recently, the singer has been investigated by the Seongdong District police after being accused by his former girlfriend for sexual harassment.

His management agency, C9 Entertainment, then revealed that the sexual harassment charges were then canceled during the investigation period. They also clarified that the ex-girlfriend impulsively submitted charges after a small misunderstanding with Jung Joon Young. The case is expected to be wrapped up after the office found no reason to investigate the singer further.

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