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Actress Jun Ji Hyun is presently under  a hot issue concerning her late appearance to a press event without apologizing. Instead of asking for an apology , Jun Ji Hyun’s company asked not to report this  issue as Kuki News reporters Park Hyo Sang and Lee Eun Ji revealed . They wrote, “Would you or would you not get angry?”

It happened last February 11 for a photo event scheduled that day by the actress being the model for a furniture company. As always the press were early for the said event and started  waiting an hour before  the beginning of the event, but Jun Ji Hyun was late  for her appointment until thirty minutes later,. Jun Ji Hyun appeared. Kuki News stated that the actress was glamorous and elegant and even gave an interview. However, Kuki News’s Park and Lee were somewhat upset regarding Jun Ji Hyun tardiness because she neither acknowledged coming to the set late nor apologized for it. As Park and Lee continues, the press let the issue slide  by writing titles such as , “Jun Ji Hyun was late,” or as nice as, “Even though she was late, Jun Ji Hyun was pretty.” According to Park and Lee, reporters however, received calls from Jun Ji Hyun’s agency telling, “I’m sorry, reporter, but could you take out the vocabulary ‘late’ from the articles?” Park and Lee felt disgusted by this insulting request to disregard the word late, well, for the fact that they should apologize in the first place for  their talent’s tardiness and they should rather apologize or accept their committed mistake.  .

This incident came to a comparison between  Keanu Reeves last January 8 and Jun Ji Hyun’s tardiness, Park and Lee continues . Park and Lee stated that eventhough the Hollywood actor, who visits Korea to promote his movie ‘John Wick,’ where he was also thirty minutes late to his press event, he apologized  directly to the reporters saying, “I’m very sorry that I’m late. Thank you for waiting for me and participating even though I was late.” Park and Lee and the rest of the press reporters  although  understands that Jun Ji Hyun is such a  busy top star, they somehow heard apologies from the star , Jun Ji Hyun or at least apologized like Keanu Reeves.

Its kinda good being honest. Mostly netizens  agreed with Kuki News with top comments saying, “Seeing an honest and polite article like this is nice!” “Jun Ji Hyun committed her mistake.

Humility should be one of the attitude  a star should possess. Is it that hard to say this simple word “sorry” because  it will caused you of low moral or rather is it that it will bring your moral lifted high? What can you say?”  “I’m  also a fan of Jun Ji Hyun but definitely she’s at fault. Please apologize.”