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Actress Jun Ji Hyun talks about her role as a mermaid for the upcoming drama, “The Legend of the Blue Sea.”

On the press conference for the drama, Jun Ji Hyun reveals her thoughts on acting as a mermaid by saying, “My character feels very refreshing since mermaids are not a common topic in Korean films and dramas. It is exciting to think that I could show more things.”

“My character now is different from Cheon Song Yi (My Love from the Star). I know that people are expecting a character who is beyond Cheon Song Yi. Everything is new to the mermaid. There are situations when the mermaid encounters new things, and viewers will also be able to feel a different kind of enjoyment and get to see a different role when they see how the mermaid accepts these things. There are also lots of scenes which take place underwater,” the actress added.

She then joked, “Everyday, I think about how I never want to play a character which involves water, fire, and vocal training. However, I have no regrets when I got to see my mermaid self on screen. I have gained lots of courage from that.”

Co-star Sung Dong Il then praised her by saying, “I first met Jun Ji Hyun at the mountain. She was in the water for about 4-5 hours. Even if she is famous and paid highly, she did not complain.”

Meanwhile, the drama, “The Legend of the Blue Sea” will premiere on November 16.


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