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Comedian Jun Hyun Moo denies dating rumors with comedienne Kim Ji Min.

Recently, photos and videos of Jun Hyun Moo and Kim Ji Min leaving a real estate appointment has caused not only dating rumors, but as well as marriage rumors! Netizens also concluded that the two were not filming as they have no seen any cameras around during the incident. Many netizens have also claimed that Jun Hyun Moo seemed to have carried Kim Ji Min’s bag for her.

Jun Hyun Moo and Kim Ji Min

With regards to the dating issue, Jun Hyun Moo steps up and addresses the issue by saying, “I live in a sort of isolated neighborhood. Which is why I have been trying to have my close friends to move here.”

He also adds, “Since I have been such a good promoter of Geum-Ho-Dong, Rainbow’s Jisook moved here three months ago and Heo Kyung Hwan moved here two weeks ago. Kim Ji Min is also looking for a house to move to, which is why I helped her out. My lease ends this July, so I am looking around myself as well.”

Jun Hyun Moo also explains, “My plan is to gather close celebrities in here to create the Geum-Ho-Dong Avengers!”

With regards to the bag, he reveals, “That bag is mine. It is not a women’s bag!”

Meanwhile, Jun Hyun Moo is known for his appearances on the shows, “Happy Together,” “Problematic Men,” “Brave Writers” and “Hidden Singer.”


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