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fullsizephoto424358Last September 18, Julien Kang was reported to be roaming around his neighborhood but only wearing shirt and briefs and it is said that he has been very drunk the night before. He was also tested if he in under the influence of drugs that night, but the result was negative. He released a public apology through his agency Show Brothers Entertainment stating,

“I am sorry for my shameful behavior and exposure on the 18th which evoked criticism. I will be more careful next time and won’t make the same mistake again.”

And a statement also from the CEO’s agency : “Julien Kang went through a lot of inner turmoil. His health is currently in good condition, and he was hurt by some of the false reports so he had a difficult time. Julien Kang is a reliable and good-natured person, and is deeply reflecting on his actions after drinking more than he can handle… He bows his head in gratitude to those who were generous in understanding.”

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Today, October 8, he posted an apology again to his personal social networking account Twitter stating:

“Apologies to anyone I hurt but also thanks to all that supported and believed in me. I was truly touched at all the love and faith I got. Sometimes life isn’t fair but things always happen for a reason. The key is to learn and move on putting it behind. This will only make me stronger and plan to start my shooting schedule very soon. Thanks again to all those that believed in me.”

(translation: allkpop)