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Actor Joo Won reveals his thoughts on the open auditions for upcoming SBS TV drama “My Sassy Girl” which is a remake of the popular film of the same title.

On the recent broadcast of Joo Won’s ‘V’ app, the actor is revealed to be one of the judges for the open auditions. He reveals, “I am a judge for the ‘My Sassy Girl’ auditions. It reminds me of the days when I auditioned for my previous plays, dramas and films.”

He also reveals, “There are many judges. We would be judging the participants from different perspectives, and we will then be choosing someone which you will all like. I am also waiting for someone that I will like.”

Joo Won also reveals, “We are taking the auditions seriously. There may be many existing actresses, but ‘My Sassy Girl’ casting project has the purpose of giving opportunities to unknown yet great actresses, as well as rookie actresses who have yet to land breakthrough roles. I thought that it was a good cause, so the auditions were opened.”

He also reveals, “There would be around ten candidates who would be chosen, and you will be able to vote for them through Naver.”

Joo Won also explains, “I used to watch auditions programs on television. However, now, I am studying them seriously since it has become my job to select my partner for the drama. I am investing a lot of time for it.”

Meanwhile, the upcoming drama “My Sassy Girl” is set to premiere in early 2017.


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