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A rep from MBC Every1 confirmed that Cross Gene’s Takuya, Super Junior-M’s Henry, and SHINee‘s Taemin will be coming together for  their upcoming star matchmaking variety show, ‘Match Made in Heaven Returns’.

‘Match Made in Heaven’  which was aired  from 2002 to 2003 was reformatted and now is entitled ‘Match Made in Heaven Returns’  . From its original concept of the show , the producers revealed that the viewers can expect a more realistic value by creating multiple official star couples on the show.

An MBC Every1 rep told that, “Our goal is to create official star couples on the show, so we are putting more effort into casting. Not only will we have idol stars, but we will also cast celebrities from various fields. ‘Match Made in Heaven Returns’ will run in seasons unlike the original ‘Match Made in Heaven’. Henry, Taemin and Takuya have been confirmed as the members for the first season.”

Meanwhile, ‘Match Made in Heaven Returns’ will be airing  its first episode on the 24th of February with Lee Hwi Jae as the MC.