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Former KARA member Jiyoung reveals her hardships about working as an actress in Japan.

On Jiyoung’s interview for her upcoming film “Kataomoi Spiral,” Jiyoung reveals, “I decided to come to Japan alone and learn the language.”

She also reveals, “Sometimes, I would think to myself, ‘Let us just sleep for tonight without reading the script over,’ or ‘Let us just skip class today.’ However, I did not want to lose to myself. Back then, I had a group around me to support me. But now, I needed to be strong.”

Previously, the former KARA member played the role of Irina Jelavić for the live-action adaptation of the anime series, “Assassination Classroom” for her Japanese film debut.


Jiyoung also reveals, “I was so happy when I saw articles about me. I was happy that people are taking an interest in my work and asking me questions about my acting instead of asking me questions about KARA.”

With regards to her goals, Jiyoung shares, “I want to play different roles in the future. I would like to do lots of projects in both Japan and Korea and become an actress who is worth acknowledging.”

Meanwhile, after KARA’s contract expiration and disbandment, Jiyoung went on to sign with the agency Sweet Power to continue her activities in Japan. She is known for her roles in the Japanese dramas “Jigoku Sensei Nube,” “Higanbana: Onnatachi no Hanzai File,” “Tamiou” and “Higanbana: Keishichou Sousa Nanaka.”

She has also released her debut solo EP “Radio” in March of 2016.

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