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Rainbow member Jisook reveals whether the group members ever fight, and her hobbies on recent interview and photo shoot with International bnt.

The Rainbow member revealed her hobby as a blogger. She also comments that there are some people who recognize her more as the blogger Jisook more than Rainbow’s Jisook!

With regards to her activities as a reporter, Jisook reveals, “I learned a lot of tricks and I think that I realized a lot of things personally while meeting and conversing with a lot of people. Since I am a singer, I see a lot of other singers on shows, however, I do not see a lot of actors. I was surprised to see Shin Min Ah and Jung Woo Sung in real life. It was fascinating to see people which I have seen in dramas.”

When asked if ever the Rainbow members fight with each other, Jisook reveals, “There were times when our opinions clash. However, there has not been a single time when it grew into a fight. We are good at talking to one another formally, listening when someone is speaking and watching over another. When you take a look at the bigger picture, I think that our leader is good.”

Jisook also reveals that she would like to host a radio show and that it has been her dream even prior to her debut. She also adds that she would like a radio show during mornings to create excitement for people who are starting off their day.

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