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B1A4 member Jinyoung expresses his love for the project group, I.O.I.

In his recent interview, the B1A4 member revealed what motivated him to compose and produce the song, “Hold Up,” for I.O.I. despite his busy schedule.

Jinyoung shared, “I got the songwriting request while I was still working on a drama. However, I was very happy. I thought of it as a blessing.”

“It was not only during their last album. But, I have followed I.O.I since ‘Produce 101.’ Since it is something which I have experienced myself, I really empathized with their heart,” he further explained.

Jinyoung added, “It felt like I was looking at another version of myself since I personally experienced the same thing. I have also dreamed the same dream and had the same thoughts as them.”

The B1A4 member then revealed, “Some people may have said that they think I.O.I have cried too much. However, I understand them, and I empathize with them. I wanted to really take care of them. That is why I had more motivation to participate in their album.”

Moreover, Jinyoung shared that “Hold Up” was not a song which he had already made. But something that he composed specifically for the girl group after he received their request.

Meanwhile, Jinyoung has previously written the song, “At the Same Place (Girls on Top)” for the “Produce 101” contestants.

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