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Actress Jin Se Yeon denies the accusations that she is the female actress whom Kim Hyun Joong allegedly had an affair with and is revealed to be taking legal actions against malicious commenters.

Previously, Kim Hyun Joong’s ex-girlfriend had released a letter revealing that she and her friend had supposedly caught the actor with a female actress ‘J’ naked in bed together. She also revealed that the actor has beaten her up in front of the female celebrity and would call her to act as witness in the court.

Since the letter, netizens have then speculated that the female celebrity which mentioned to be ‘J’ was Jin Se Yeon since she had appeared in a KBS drama “Inspiring Generation” with Kim Hyun Joong in 2014.

Jin Se Yeon then speaks up to clear the accusations against her and her company reveals that they would be making legal actions against malicious netizens.

Jin Se Yeon took to her Twitter account and wrote, “It is not me, so please do not speak very rashly like that.”

Her agency Early Bird Entertainment also revealed, “Last year, we have sued that people who have left hate comments against Jin Se Yeon. Since they were middle and high school students, the matter was resolved with volunteer work. However, malicious comments have recently risen again. This time, the numbers of malicious comments have increased, we are considering to make legal actions. ”


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  • Dal

    What is wrong with these people?!?!?!?! Just because the actress’ name starts in letter “J” doesn’t mean it’s Jin Se Yeon on the spot! What idiots!

    How can it be Jin Se Yeon when she was so busy even during the filming of Inspiring Generation to be around Kim Hyun Joong? They were not even close! And Se Yeon, as shown in the BTS and other news, was either busy or being surrounded with lots of people. I doubt she even had time to be alone with herself.

    Now she’s pissed, and I’m also pissed. Huh! Good going, girl, sue all those people with their narrow minds and baseless, harmful accusations!!!