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Actor Ji Soo reveals his thoughts on his recent bone surgery in his recent interview.

Last September, the president of his management agency, Prain TPC confirmed that the actor underwent surgery after being diagnosed with acute osteomyelitis.

During his interview with media outlet Osen, the actor shared, “I have recovered a lot. I am continuing to get regular check-ups.”

He then added, “I was limping my leg before I went to the hospital. It was very painful. I thought that it was the hardest time in my life. However, when I think about it now, time flew by and I wonder if I was ever hurt.”

“The human body fascinates me,” Ji Soo commented.

The actor was then asked about the JTBC drama “Fantastic,” where he plays the role of Kim Sang Wook, and was still ongoing with its shoot while the actor got hospitalized, Ji Soo revealed, “The scriptwriter had a tough time as well. They had to remove the lines that were already set. The directors and staff were very worried about me, and I felt so apologetic to them.”

Ji Soo then shared, “But, amazingly enough, I was able to participate in the drama shooting, and it looked like I was walking thanks to the staff’s consideration. At times, they would just film bust cuts since I was wearing a cast on my leg.”

Meanwhile, aside from the drama, “Fantastic,” the actor is also known for his roles in the dramas, “Angry Mom,” “Page Turner,” and “Scarlet Heart: Ryeo.”

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