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Actor Ji Soo talks about dating and his ideal type on a recent interview.

On March 24, the “Glory Day” actor talks about his role on the film as well as his dating life.

Ji Soo reveals, “How I appear in real life is different from the movie. I lost around 5-6 kg after the filming due to my frequent exercise.”

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He adds, “However, I think that my previous weight did fit the character well.”

The actor also reveals that he would like to work in a melodrama by saying, “I think that I would have to experience dating more if I want to act in a melodrama.”

He adds, “It has been a long time since I have dated. It has been two years. I would like to be in a relationship, however, it has been hard to find someone which you could connect with.”

With regards to his ideal type, Ji Soo reveals, “I like someone who has a pretty gaze. I think there is a difference with someone with a charismatic gaze and someone with a pretty gaze. If someone has a pretty look in their eyes, you would want to keep looking at it. If they have a pretty smile as well, then you want to keep making them laugh.”

He adds, “For personality, I think that it is important to be able to communicate well. Since 97% of a relationship is conversation, I think that as long as she could communicate well, she would also have good manners as well as good humor.”