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In a recent photo shoot and interview with China’s Tudou Fashion, Jessica Jung reveals what she likes and dislikes about her body and was asked regarding her sister f(x)’s Krystal’s strong and weak points.

When she was asked as to what she likes and dislikes regarding her body, she answers, “What I like about myself is… my shoulder line. And what I dislike… is that my feet are too small. So it has been hard for me to find and buy shoes, so I have to order them.”

In response to being asked regarding Krystal’s strong and weak points, Jessica reveals, “The good part about her is simply her existence. She gives me strength by simply being there at my side.”

Jessica interview

Jessica was also asked as to which she thinks are the strong aspects when it comes to her personality, she responds, “Perseverance and patience.” “I have trained for a long time and have worked for a long time, I could have quit in the middle of it, but I haven’t,” Jessica adds.

She was also asked as to when was the time when she grew the most and have started to understand the people around her, she says, “In the past year, a lot of things had happened and I grew the most during the time.”

Meanwhile, since Jessica’s departure from Girl’s Generation, she has focused on her Chinese activities and managing her fashion line “Blanc & Eclare”. Recently, it was revealed that she has officially left SM Entertainment.


Watch Jessica’s interview below!