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Former Girl’s Generation member Jessica holds a one day sale on her brand BLANC&ECLARE on September 30, a year after her controversial leave from the girl group.

Exactly a year ago, Jessica has shockingly revealed on her Weibo account that she was forced out from the girl group and later revealed that she was forced to choose from her business or the group. While she has departed from the group, she still remained as an artist of SM Entertainment. However, on August of 2015, Jessica and SM Entertainment have been revealed to have officially parted ways.

Today, Jessica’s fashion line BLANC&ECLARE has announced a special coupon ‘JUSTBC which her customers could use only for 24 hours.

On BLANC GROUP’s facebook’s account, they reveal, “One day sale, September 30, for 24 hours. Just because. Cheer up. Code JUSTBC’ on our website only, www.blancgroup.com
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Apparently, Jessica wants to cheer up her fans that have treated September 30, 2014 as a sad memory.

Since her leave from Girl’s Generation, Jessica has focused on her fashion line which has grown with specialty shops and retail locations across Asia, including South Korea, China, Thailand, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan.

Meanwhile, Girl’s Generation has continued their activities as an eight-member group with the release of “Catch Me If You Can” in April. On July, they pre-released “Party” and released their full studio album “LION HEART” on August.


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