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Actress Jeon Hye Bin talks about her “Oh Hae Young Again” co-stars actress Seo Hyun Jin and Shinhwa member Eric.

In an interview with Arirang TV’s “Showbiz Korea,” Jeon Hye Bin talks about her co-stars by saying, “We are around the same age. Eric, Seo Hyun Jin and I debuted around the same time. We went through a lot of hardships together. In an instant, we became like a family that knew one another.”

The actress also addresses the rumors that she and Seo Hyun Jin are not on good terms. She reveals, “From the viewers’ point of view, Seo Hyun Jin and I might not seem like we are on good terms. However, in real life, we are really in good terms. It is fun since we play such different characters. She has very lovable personality that I want to hug her like she is my younger sister.”

Jeon Hye Bin also shares about Eric’s personality in real life by saying, “He has a distinctively mischievous side.”

She also adds, “Since he has a humorous side, there is always laughter in the set of the drama. Like someone who seems cold on the outside but is actually warm in the inside, Eric pulls pranks with no expression on his face. He did a weird pose during the press conference, didn’t he? Just like that, he does a lot of things which people would not imagine him to do so people get taken aback.”

Meanwhile, the tvN drama “Oh Hae Young Again” made its premiere on May 2.