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Brown Eyed Girls member JeA, former After School member Kahi and “Unpretty Rapstar” winner Cheetah would be training the contestants of Mnet’s “Produce 101”.

In addition to JeA, Kahi and Cheetah, choreographer Bae Yoon Jung and vocal trainer Kim Sung Eun have also been recruited for the show.

“Produce 101” trainees

It has been revealed that JeA and Kim Sung Eun would be in charge of the vocals, while Kahi and Bae Yoon Jung would be in charge of dance. Cheetah on the other hand, would be taking care of the rap.

In an interview, JeA says, “I want to teach trainees what I have learned from my years and tell them my experiences.”

Kim Sung Eun reveals, “I am glad that everyone can come together and see the trainees grow into full-fledged singers.”

Kahi reveals, “I want to raise an artist with the knowledge that I have collected over the years in this business.”

Bae Yoon Jung also adds, “I hope that it would be a program that becomes an example to all trainees who have dreamt of becoming idols.”

Cheetah also adds her thoughts and says, “This year idols and hip-hop have received a lot of attention. I hope that next year, many more talented idol rappers would be born.”

Meanwhile, the main PD “Produce 101” adds, “Since we have skilled trainers in every area, please look forward to the growth of the trainees.”

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