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J-Pop group BOYS AND MEN shared their thoughts on BTS following their collaboration concert in Tokyo International Forum last June.

On a recent interview, BOYS AND MEN members Mizuno and Yoshihara reveals their impressions on BTS.

Member Yoshihara explains, “As a K-Pop fan, the concert was really fun. BTS’ dancing and singing were very polished and cool. Though our groups stood on stage together, I felt like I was watching them as a fan.”

BOYS AND MEN leader, Mizuno, then comments, “Since they have a really different performance and music genre from us, I thought that we have a lot to learn from them. It was just an ordinary performance for us. However, when we looked at the audiences, it was really full of BTS lightsticks. It felt like we were visitors at someone’s concert which is why we got even more fired up.”

Yoshihara then says, “BTS did not talk a lot, but I think that it was very cool. They gained popularity after perfecting song after song.”

Mizuno also shares, “I am glad that the audience felt our passion as well.”

Yoshihara agrees by saying, “The fans of BTS started to cheer us on even if they must not have known our songs quite well. I am happy that they enjoyed our performance. I hope that we could do more events like this in the future.”

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