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It has been revealed by Korean media outlet Dispatch that IU is in a relationship with musician Chang Ki Ha. Both of their agencies have released their initial statements on the matter.

According to the media outlet, both singers have been seeing each other in earnest since March of this year. IU and Chang Ki Ha is said to have meet several times despite their busy individual schedules.

IU and Chang Ki Ha 2

It is also said that the star couple would usually keep their dates at their own homes, meeting secretly at either IU’s house in Yongsan or at Chang Ki Ha’s apartment in Mapo.

The report further reveals that when IU and Chang Ki Ha do not have any schedules needed to attend to, Chang Ki Ha would drive IU in his ‘i30’ car. Although they are seen dressing casually on their meetings, they were still really careful and wore black hats and face masks in order to hide their identities.

IU and Chang Ki Ha

It is also said that despite the 11-year age gap of the couple, everything seems well between them.

In line with the dating report, both agencies of IU and Chang Ki Ha have released their initial statements.

IU’s management agency, LOEN Tree reveals, “It is the first time that we have heard of this. A confirmation is required.”

Chang Ki Ha’s management agency, DRDRamc reveals, “We do not know anything about that. We need to verify this information.”

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