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‘Kyuhyun spokes of his  hardships he encountered when he first joined Super Junior, while Youngji told that she had no problem mingling with the original members of KARA  , it was told during the airing of KBS‘s ‘Happy Together.

MC Yoo Jae Suk asked Youngji if the original  KARA members were snobbish towards her when she first joined them, knowing that  the members have been together for quite a while before she was into the group. Youngji answered, “I received a lot of questions like this. And I expected that they would somewhat be [unfriendly]. But it was totally the opposite.

She added, “When I would ask one thing, then they would answer as if they were glad that I had asked. They would even tell me additional things [on top of what I asked] as well.”

When Kyuhyun was asked the same question, he gave an opposite  answer and stated that, “I think the situation would be a little different because the three members [in KARA], were already popular [before Youngji]. But when I went in Super Junior, it was a group that was just starting. So everyone was sensitive [at the time] because they wanted to succeed, and there were 13 members, the competition was fierce.”

Kyuhyun told the MCs that he joined the group late likewise with Ryeowook  around the same time as he did.

Kyuhyun said, “After about two months [of being in the group], I don’t remember the reason but I remember crying while talking to Ryeowook. I asked, ‘What can I do to fit into the group?’ He told me that as time passes, everything will turn out the way it should, and to endure it for six months.”

After six months of showing my humility and humble heart not wanting to compete with  the member , they acknowledge me and show kindness towards me.

Kyuhyun added, “No matter what I did, I did it humbly and always stood in the back or towards the end when we were taking pictures. Then, the members started to let their guard down.”