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Recently, a manager of girl group IOI has been receiving criticisms after allegedly shouting at IOI members.

A short video clip showing IOI’s manager yelling at the members to hurry up and get in the car has been making its rounds on various social media sites. It was first posted on IOI’s official fan café and then became viral among netizens. The said clip shows member Yu Yeonjung greeting the fans before getting inside their car, after that, a manager yells angrily saying, “Hurry up and get in!”

The original poster of the video clip also writes, “As IOI was coming out with umbrellas after today’s pre-recording of ‘The Show,’ the manager yelled at the girls to ‘hurry up and get in!’ Isn’t this too much?”

The poster also continues, “If he does this in front of the fans, I could not imagine how much he must have mistreated them in the car or in the dormitory. I have not seen what happens behind doors. However, the video is enough. I understand that the job of a manager is difficult. However, it is part of the service industry, is it okay for him to act this way in public?”

The poster also adds, “I do not know if he is treating IOI like this since they are rookies. The more that I think about it, the more that I don’t understand.”

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