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INFINITE reveals which member earns the most and earns the least out of all the members on recent interview.

On the recent broadcast of MBC FM4U’s “Park Kyung Lim’s 2 o’clock Date”, the INFINITE members appeared as special guests.

INFINITE radio show

During the interview, the group reveals that out of all the members, L earns the most money.

“L filmed CFs and almost 10 dramas alone,” the group reveals.

L was known for his roles on “Shut Up Flower Boy Band”,“Master’s Sun”, and “My Lovely Girl”.

DJ Park Kyung Lim then asks L, “Do you buy meals for all the members often?” L then responds, “If they ask me, I do.”

However, Sungyeol gave a different answer, saying, “There was actually a time when all of the members promised that we would buy gifts for each other if one of us gets to film a commercial alone. However, not a single member has received a gift from L yet.”

L then gets flustered over Sungyeol’s revelation and responds, “I am planning to give presents to them.”


On the other hand, when asked on who was the member which had the lowest earnings out of all the members, Sungjong reveals, “I think it is me.”

“I have not really done anything which makes a lot of money,” Sungjong reveals, which caused the other members to burst into laughter.

Meanwhile, INFINITE has released their new mini-album “Reality” and is promoting their title tracks on music shows.


What do you think would L be buying as gifts for his fellow members?