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Members of INFINITE reveal their thoughts about their overlapping comeback schedules with SHINee.

On the recent broadcast of MBC FM4U’s “Kim Shin Young’s Hope Song at Noon,” the members of INFINITE talked about their comeback and closeness with SHINee.

DJ Kim Shin Young comments, “Your popularity for this comeback has been like a ‘Typhoon.’ However, SHINee has made their comeback as well.”

The members then reveal, “Our comeback schedules have overlapped. However, we are very close to SHINee.”

DJ Kim Shin Young then responds, “Even if you are friends, are you not wary of each other?” To this, INFINITE then explains that they are huge fans of SHINee.

They also explain, “Honestly, we already knew that it would overlap. However, there is none of that [rivalry] since we are so close. Minho even came to our waiting rooms when we made our comeback, and we showed off our new albums.”

When DJ Kim Shin Young asked maknae Sungjong to give a message to SHINee, the other members commented, “He is the member who is the least close with SHINee.” But Sungjong went on and gave a message saying, “Sunbaenim, I am enjoying your performance. Good luck on your comeback and I hope that we could promote together for a long time.”

INFINITE has recently made their comeback with “The Eye” while SHINee made their comeback with “1 of 1.”

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