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Infinite Challenge” officially issues an apology for Zion.T publicizing his number.

In the recent “2015 Infinite Challenge Music Festival”, Zion.T performed as “Infinite Challenge” cast member HaHa’s teammate.

The two performed “Sponsor” which also feature’s Zion.T’s father. During the performance, Zion.T even mentioned his own phone number. In the interview, he also reveals, “I would answer the phone for a week, after that I would be changing my number.” HaHa also joked, “Everyone, please give him a call.”

haha zion.T

To this, many viewers during the concert were happy that the singer has given his own number. However, there was also many netizens who had almost the same number as Zion.T’s who have experienced troubles due to calls from fans.

Since the criticisms from many netizens, the show then issued an apology. They wrote on their Twitter account, “The event when Zion.T revealed his number during the song ‘Sponsor’ with HaHa was supposed to be an event which they had with the viewers for a week from the broadcast date. However, since the number was leaked and spread before the concert, people who had almost the same phone numbers were experiencing unintended troubles and we have expected the troubles to get even worse when the broadcast aired, which is why we decided to not have this event.”

They continued, “The section was edited out from the broadcast and the number was taken out from the song. Zion.T’s number which was revealed has been blocked by the phone company. We apologize to everyone who was looking forward to the event and to those who were bothered by it.”

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