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Producers of the new drama, “Imaginary Cat” address criticisms on the acting of actress Cho Hye Jung.

On the recent interview, a representative from the show commented, “There are some criticisms on Cho Hye Jung’s acting, however, there were also comments stating that it was not too bad. It will only improve from now on.”

The representative also reveals, “Cho Hye Jung prepared for the role so it is a shame that she is involved in such a controversy. She has put a lot of effort into this drama so please be on the lookout.”

Imaginary Cat

Previously, the actress has been criticized by many viewers of the drama by saying that the actress had lackluster performance. Some netizens have also speculated that the actress got the role not because of her talent, but because of connections. Meanwhile, some netizens have also defended the actress.

On the press conference for the drama, Cho Hye Jung has addressed the controversy herself by saying, “There were a lot of talks about the casting. I promised myself that I would put an end to my hardships. During filming, I thought that I should give all of my concentration on the set. I did my best.”

Meanwhile, the first episode of “Imaginary Cat,” based on the webtoon of the same name, premiered on November 24. It is also actor Yoo Seung Ho’s comeback drama since being discharged from his military service.


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  • Melissa Hanung

    I didn’t know there’s such thing as bad acting in K-drama industry before I watched Imaginary Cat…