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Actress Im Soo Jung writes a message for netizens who left malicious comments on her no-makeup look.

Previously, the actress had uploaded a photo of her bare face on her Instagram account. However, many netizens have left negative comments on her pointing out that the actress no longer has the youthful appearance she was once popular for.

In response to the malicious comments, Im Soo Jung then writes a message through her Instagram account. She writes:

“I do like putting on makeup on my daily life. When I have to show my best side as an actress, I receive the help of professionals. Which is why I am always thankful to these people.

As for me, this is the best that I can do. It is not like I am totally confident of my bare face. I wish that I could upload a prettier me, however, what can I do with the fact that I have reached an age in which even the smallest changes in my body could reflect on my face?

I am living with full awareness of my age. I acknowledge who I am and I love myself. The present me. I love my life as a woman in her 30s.

I would work harder to be portrayed as healthier and more charming. Thank you and I love you.”

Meanwhile, Im Soo Jung is known for her roles on the films, “A Tale of Two Sisters,” “Time Renegade” and “Perfect Proposal.”


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