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According to Korean media reporters, iKon ‘s B.I father is currently detained and investigated for allegedly giving false information about his company and anomaly on the funds was discovered.

The Southern Seoul Distribution Prosecutors Stock Crime Joint Investigation Team told that Kim Jung Joo, the father of BI has been detained for breaking the Capital Market Act. Kim Jung Joo together with his accomplice are being charged of deceiving their investors. Kim Jung Joo was able to raise the amount of 18,100,000 KRW ( approximately $17 million USD) and embezzling an amount of  2,390,000 of the company’s funds.

Kim Jung Joo is the CEO of Seunghwa Free Tech deceived the investors of giving false information while acquiring shares for him to take over the company last Feb, thus,  informing the investors that the money he was receiving through stock – collateral loans was his own personal money/ capital.ikon-bobby-BI-hanbin-photos_001