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On the recent airing of Channel A’s “I Heard a Rumor Show,” the MC panel discussed YG’s supposed ‘main troublemaker’ BIGBANG member Seungri. The member was known to be involved in a lot of controversies.

Regarding the question, Yang Hyun Suk’s greatest concern is BIGBANG?” Kim Myo Sung responds, “If you expand on the question, there is a rumor that Yang Hyun Suk’s greatest concern is most likely Seungri? He received an offer from a singer back in June 2014 to invest in a real estate and handed over 2 Billion Won. However, Seungri never heard from her again so he filed a lawsuit against her. YG Entertainment revealed its intent to have a joint legal action with him, however, the lawsuit was withdrawn in ten days.”

Lee Eon Kyung also adds, “There was a car accident in 2014 and it was a big crash for the vehicle to be near-totaled. At the dashcam footage, you could see that Seungri’s car cross over two lanes, crashed into the car in front of him and hit the guardrail and turned over.”

Kim Myo Sung also reveals, “In Taiwan last September, around 1 in the morning, a photo was snapped at a nightclub. It was a photo of Seungri coming out from the club with a woman in a white shirt. Seungri had explained that it was his translator.”

Seungri -Taiwan-Club

Hong Suk Chun then comments, “Seungri was the talk of the town. Yang Hyun Suk must be very troubled.”


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