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Former 4Minute member HyunA talks about her recent weight loss and her promise to fans once she gets first place for her new track “How’s This?

On HyunA’s recent “V” app broadcast, the idol talks about her recent comeback with the mini-album “A’WESOME” along with its lead track, “How’s This?”

During the show, she talks about her jacket photos by saying, “I wanted to look good for everyone. I gained a lot of weight before. However, I lost 5 kg recently.”

With regards to her outfits for the jacket photos on her mini-album, she comments, “If I try to dress like that all the time, that would be bad. I could not wear that all the time, either. However, I do like to try bold things, such as styling.”

When asked about her first place promise to fans, HyunA reveals, “These days, jja jang myun (Korean black bean noodles) has been tasting really good these days. I have only realized recently how tasty it is whenever your sprinkle red pepper powder on top of it.”

She also adds, “If ever I get first place, I would have a 50-minute jja jang myun date with my fans.”

Meanwhile, HyunA has recently released her solo comeback with “How’s This?” on August 1. It is her first release since 4Minute’s recent disbandment.

Take a look at HyunA’s music video for “How’s This?” below and don’t forget to tell us your thoughts!


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