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4Minute member HyunA reveals why she continues to do sexy concepts despite the criticisms.

In a recent interview with Korean media outlet OSEN, HyunA reveals the reason why she continues to have sexy concepts on her songs despite the criticisms.

When she was asked about how she is portrayed as an artist with performance over good music, she responds, “I think it is true that not everybody would like me. I think that is my homework for the future. Isn’t it impossible to satisfy everyone? That is why I try to be as optimistic as possible and work harder. In order for people to like me naturally instead of forcing my way, I tend to think to work to be able to ‘make my fans love me more’.”

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When she was asked as to why she continues to do sexy concepts, she reveals, “I think that people know best when it comes to what they are good at. What they can show off with energy. I don’t have much confidence in pulling off innocence or cuteness. There are others who are much better. But showing off something with confidence and preparation comes more naturally. If you are going to do a sexy concept, there has to be a context to it. Just like how an actress has certain scenes when they act, I also have a context and reason why I reveal myself, this is why I don’t really feel bad about it.”

“Sexiness is something which I think that I could do best. I like to show off healthy sexiness. Many people comment that there was beauty of corruption in the teaser scene but I put on weight and worked out to be able to show my healthiness. I tend to think and feel in the big picture,” HyunA adds.