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Former 4Minute member HyunA reveals what she really feels about the group’s recent disbandment.

On the recent broadcast of HyunA’s new reality show, “HyunA’s X19,” the program showed what happened after the press conference for her comeback.

As HyunA returns to the waiting room, she says, “Why do I dislike the word disbandment so much? Since I keep on talking about it, it seems like I am only talking about since my album is coming out. It makes me really angry that I am someone like this.”

When asked if she is now relieved that she is promoting solo instead of being in a group, HyunA responds, “Of course not! How could I do only what I want to do? It is not something which I could decide by myself, and it bothers me that those types of things get consumed so easily.”

HyunA also reveals that she does not really want to address the issue and says that she hates herself for doing so. “When people see those reports, they would think of me as ‘that person.’ It isn’t like I could say, ‘I am not that kind of person.’ I hate that so much. I hate myself so much,” HyunA shares.

She continues, “I did not want to say anything. But, I am saying something, and for that I hate myself. I feel like if the other members would see that, they would hate it so much as well.”

As HyunA bursts into tears, she says, “I told you I did not want to do the interview.”


Watch the clip below!