Home » HyunA reveals her thoughts on 4Minute’s disbandment and promotions with Trouble Maker

Former 4Minute member HyunA talks about her group and future promotions with the sub-unit, Trouble Maker.

On HyunA’s recent interview, she shares, “I often get asked whether my solo promotions would have a different feeling. People talk as if 4Minute is completely gone and it is quite upsetting. I would like my promotions this time to feel just like an extension to 4Minute. Before there was a HyunA, we all moved together as a group.”

With regards to their recent disbandment, HyunA comments, “Before that, the members talked. We promoted together for seven years. Right now, we want to follow the dreams that we each could accomplish. I also worry that it would be harmful to all the love and support that 4Minute received. From the start, I did not think of my solo promotions as starting something new. I think of it as an extension to 4Minute promotions.”

When asked if she would promote with her sub-unit Trouble Maker along with former BEAST member Hyunseung, who also recently left his group, HyunA reveals, “I could not say for sure. Trouble Maker was a project which we worked on and prepared whenever there is a song that matched our concept. We have not yet made plans for promotions. However, I am very ambitious when it comes to performing, so I would also like to promote with Trouble Maker as well.”

Meanwhile, HyunA has recently made her comeback with the track “How’s This?” from her new mini-album “A’WESOME.”


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